All about MIRTechnologies

Around the world the military defence forces and intelligence agencies are looking for partners who provide them with solutions in the field of artificial intelligence 4.0.

Since 2004 the company MIRTechnologies was born at that time it was known as Mobile Intelligent Robotic Technologies Sàrl. It was founded by two EPFL engineer specialists in robotics, Dr. Sofiene RABHI and Mr. P. BEOSCH.

The activity’s field of this training company was based on the development of solutions for the general industry and especially for the manufacturing chains in the pharmaceutical industry.   

One of the first research and development of Dr. RABHI Sofiene is the “SpiderBot” which was developed in the year of 2004. The same time he was in charge of the development of robot moving mechanics in collaboration with the Federal Polytechnics School of Lausanne in Switzerland and ESA European Space Agency. This robot is able to face obstacles 19 times bigger than the size of its wheels.

In 2009 and with seven employees, Dr. RABHI took over the responsibility of the entire company and the creation of a new laboratory in Barcelona, Spain.

In 2010, the creation of MIRTechnologies RABHI Company in Geneva, specialist in robotics solutions in the civil engineering field, this company employed, on request, a dozen doctoral engineers throughout Europe.

In 2015, with an investment of more than three Millions Euro, the creation of the company MIRTechnologies SA, founded by Dr. RABHI, specialized in security and defense solutions; it employs fifteen fixed employees and a large team of eighteen on-demand engineers, depending on the projects. Its products are innovative solutions: Very long-range thermal imaging cameras (160Km), intelligent mine detection robots, off-road robots for investigation…


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