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Around the world the military defence forces and intelligence agencies are looking for partners who provide them with solutions in the field of artificial intelligence 2.0.

Since 2004 the company MIRTechnologies was born at that time it was known as Mobile Intelligent Robotic Technologies Sàrl. It was founded by two EPFL engineer specialists in robotics, Dr. Sofiene RABHI and Mr. Pierre BEOSCH.

The activity’s field of this training company was based on the development of solutions for the general industry and especially for the manufacturing chains in the pharmaceutical industry.   

One of the first research and development of Dr. RABHI Sofiene is the “SpiderBot” which was developed in the year of 2004. The same time he was in charge of the development of robot moving mechanics in collaboration with the Federal Polytechnics School of Lausanne in Switzerland and ESA European Space Agency. This robot is able to face obstacles 19 times bigger than the size of its wheels.

Body Temperature Screening Thermal Camera

Automatic detection of a person carrying a fever in a crowd

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Body temperature screening thermal camera. Automatic detection of a person carrying a fever in a crowd

Long range stereoscopic thermal camera MIR7254SLR-IP®

Detection and automatic measurement the speed and position of the mobile vehicles to 120 km

MIR-TTM Series Hot Spots (Fire)

Intelligent Alarm Thermal Camera

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DRINI Magazin

Ekskluzive - Inovation ndërkombëtar apo kush është shqiptari nga Gjeneva që zbuloi kamerën detektuese për njerëzit e prekur nga Koronavirusi

Daily newspaper

Kush është shqiptari nga Gjeneva që zbuloi kamerën detektuese për njerëzit e prekur nga Koronavirusi

Albanian newspaper

Shqiptari nga Maqedonia që jeton në Gjenevë zbuloi kamerën që detekton njerzit e prekur nga Korona

Mirtechnologies continue sa lancée dans le domaine de la sécurité sanitaire contre l’épidémie. Après avoir installé son système ultra sensible et intelligent de lecture de temperature corporelle à distance au restaurant Casa Nostra à la rue de Lausanne n°49 et au restaurant Harmonie au boulevard Saint George n°1 voici maintenant au tour de l’institut Beauty Dream Institute situé à la rue des Acacias n°6 à Genève de se munir de son système thermique ultra performant pour pouvoir travailler en totale securité et ainsi pouvoir rassurer sa clientèle contre le risque du virus.

“Merci Beauty Dream Institute de nous faire confiance.”

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MIRTechnologies Management
 Mr. Amzi Jasari

Mr. Amzi Jasari


Bachelor in economics and management.
Master in business management.
Technician in vision and artificial intelligence

Dr.Pr. Rabhi Sofiene

Dr.Pr. Rabhi Sofiene


Mecatronic Engineer
PhD. in Safety, Industrial and Robotics.
PhD. in Computer Assisted Vision
(Thermal, Multispectral, natural, X ray…)
Former Senior Professor EPFL

Ing. Jashari Zaim

Ing. Jashari Zaim


Engineer and architect EPFL Businessman and Entrepreneurship Founder & Investor in various fields. President and Co-Founder of Institute for International Relations (IRI), Geneva, CH President of the RDC chamber of commerce in North Macedonia.

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